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Supermarket shelves
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Wine Rack Wine Rack Wine Rack

Red Wine Display Rack

  • Product Number:JLS-WDR-01
  • Color:White
  • Size:L930*W350*H1800mm
  • Description:Wine Display Rack for Supermarket, Hypermarket, Shopping Mall, Convenience Store, Grocery Store, Retail Store, Wine & Liquor Store etc.

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Wall Wine Display Rack Features

1) Add tremendous value to a retail store.

2) Merchandising rack, increase the appeal of the products.

3) Detachable modular design, versatile and easy to change around.




Our floor plan service is designed to assist you in creating the perfect retail environment. Our expert floor plan professionals will work with you, and your budget, to create an appealing and efficient floor plan for your store. With a proper blueprint in hand, your business can begin maximizing sales and converting shoppers into buyers.

We have experience in a wide range of industries, including department stores, boutique clothing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, supermarkets and virtually every other type of retailer.




1) A customer expresses interest in creating the perfect retail space(EXPECTATIONS EXPRESSION).

2) The client discuss their budget and vision(VISION SHOWN).

3) The measurements of the retail space are offered(MEASUREMENT DATA).

4) Measurements are then brought to the office where they are drawn up on AutoCAD to create an efficient and strategic floor plan(FLOOR PLAN).

5) Upon completion of the floor plan, the sales rep confirm with the customer to check every aspect of the plan(PLAN APPROVAL).

6) Once the plan has been approved, JLISEN proceeds with assisting clients in their selection of our wide range of products for their retail store(MANUFACTURING ARRANGEMENT).

7) The products are arranged to manufacture once the payment paid.